Rosemont Endoscopy Centre was established in May 1993 by Dr Peter Cusick (Gastroenterologist) who has been running the centre since it opened. He was joined by Dr Ivan Valiozis and Dr Stephen Williams who have both been at Rosemont for a number of years.  

Rosemont has been continually accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) since 1996.It is the policy of the Centre to continually be at the forefront of Diagnostic Services in the Illawarra whilst providing optimal patient care to achieve and meet the needs of the community.

From September 2017, Rosemont joins the Montserrat Healthcare team and Dr Kendall Williams joins the Gastroenterology team also.

Montserrat was initially founded by Gastroenterology Dr Peter Stephenson (now retired) and operates 7 day-procedure centres across Western Australia, Queensland and now New South Wales.