To provide a day-only diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic service to the highest standard to the people of the Illawarra and surrounding communities”.

Rosemont Endoscopy Centre has been providing excellent quality service in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy since 1993 and has held full accreditation with The Australian Council of Health Services (ACHS) since 1996.

At Rosemont, we use state of the art endoscopic equipment and adhere to the strictest Infection Prevention and Control Standards. Our nursing staff are highly trained in reprocessing and sterilisation with all staff having completed the Queensland Department of Health Interactive Endoscopy Reprocessing Program and have also been certified by GENCA. (Gastroenterological Nurses College of Australia).

All equipment used at Rosemont Endoscopy is serviced and calibrated at the required intervals. Audits are regularly done to ensure compliance with all relevant infection control , Australian Standard and  Department of Health policies with consistently excellent results.

From September 2017, Rosemont Endoscopy has joined the team at Montserrat Healthcare. Montserrat owns and operates a number of hospitals and oncology clinics in Queensland, Western Australia and now New South Wales. More information on Montserrat can be found at https://www.montserrat.com.au/