Rights and Responsibilities

Patient’s Rights:

Patients at Rosemont Endoscopy Centre have the right to:

  • Safe and competent care

  • Be treated with respect for their Privacy, Dignity, Cultural and Religious beliefs

  • Be informed about their condition, treatment options and likely outcome

  • Know the names of the people caring for them

  • Have their records treated with confidentiality

  • Nominate a person(s) to speak on their behalf if they are unable to do so

  • Refuse treatment or investigations after accepting responsibility for the consequences of such a decision

  • Seek a second opinion through their Visiting Medical Officer

  • Have any complaint dealt with promptly

  • Decide whether or not to participate in research


Patients at Rosemont Endoscopy Centre have a responsibility to:

  • Provide, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information about: present complaints, past illnesses and hospitalisations, medications and other matters relating to their health.

  • To be aware of their current health insurance coverage (including funding gaps) and/or pensioner status

  • Co-operate with staff providing treatment in order to aid their speedy recovery

  • Report any changes in their health

  • Be informed about his/her care and treatment

  • Accept the consequences of his/her own decision on health matters

Patient Care:

Your comfort and safety at Rosemont Endoscopy Centre are our highest priority. We are a licensed Day Hospital with the NSW Department of Health

Maintenance and surveillance of the highest standard in regard to our equipment and reprocessing are followed. Infection Control Guidelines are followed to prevent any possible transmission of disease.